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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

We handle garage door opener issues quickly and excel in opener maintenance

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our company has great specialists for the replacement and adjustment of garage door springs

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

We are experts in installing, fixing and maintaining various kinds of garage doors

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Outstanding garage door service every day

Details you want to know about installing, repairing, troubleshooting, and replacing your garage door. Find out more about garage door parts and panels, which one will be best for you and whether it would be best to get green doors!

Can I change a part of my door or do I have to to change the whole door?

In some instances, replacing only a part of your door can be done. Also, at times, the entire garage door needs to be replaced, as the swap generally depends on the level of damage involved. Professionals at Garage Door Repair Bellevue usually assess the dents and recommend the best way on how to deal with it.

Which type of garage door is best for me?

The answer really depends on the preferences of the homeowner. It depends on the desired style, as well as the level of maintenance and care required for the door. Other factors also include energy efficiency, the exact location of the garage at home, the material that suits the quality that you want, and of course the design that compliments the overall style and theme of your home, if any.

What are the green garage doors?

They are environmentally friendly garage doors and this means that some or all of the garage door parts are made of recycled materials. Natural wood is also considered ecofriendly and it's good to know that wood doors are usually made by manmade timber plantations. The insulation of the door will also determine the green quality of the door. Well insulated doors with high r-value will insulate the whole house and you won't spend too much energy.

How often must I maintain my garage door?

Most garage doors need to be maintained once a year. Though, our technicians say that the frequency of garage door services depends on the age and condition of the garage door. Some older systems might need maintenance twice a year and some homeowners maintain specific parts – like openers, sensors or springs – more often.

What is the right garage door opener for me?

When looking for a garage door opener, you need to determine first a few important things. You need to measure the size and identify the material of your door; check the space above and on the sides of the door opening, and decide on the safety features and accessories that you want for your garage door system.

What is garage door spring testing?

The specialists of our garage door company in Bellevue explain that the test is done to check the balance. The opener is disconnected and the door is lifted manually halfway up and then released. If it moves up or down, then it is out of balance and the spring tension has to be reduced or increased respectively.

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