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Benefits of Aluminum Garage Doors

07/30/2013 Back To Blog

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Although aluminum garage doors have the disadvantage of being easy to dent, they do make an economical and smart choice. There are numerous benefits to these types of garage doors. Here are just some of the more popular reasons:

* No rust risk: This means that the doors can withstand heavy winter elements without requiring rust treatment in the spring.

* Low maintenance: The doors do not require maintenance and care throughout the year. They may benefit from repainting every few years, as when you want to freshen them up but you can avoid wasted hours on garage door maintenance.

* Economical: These types of door are some of the most economical on the market. If you are looking for a more sophisticated aluminum frame with added insulation, you will pay more, but they are still very reasonably priced.

* Lightweight: Although they are durable, these doors are very lightweight meaningless strain on garage door parts and requiring a smaller powered door opener,

* Simple installation: Some doors can weigh upwards of four hundred pounds; this requires a great deal of skill and labor to install. Since aluminum doors are lightweight this is significantly reduced.

* Eco-friendly: Since aluminum is recyclable, you can easily recycle your old door when it becomes time to replace it.

* Flexible styling: Aluminum doors can be repainted to match changing tastes or refresh curb appeal. They are available in a rainbow of colors but it is very simple to change the look without replacing the whole door.

* Energy efficient: these types of doors are usually equipped with a great amount of insulation which can help keep your garage cool in summer and warm in winter.

* Durable: Aluminum doors are extremely durable, if properly cared for, they can look great for a lifetime.

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